Located in a strip mall next to an auto repair shop, the storefront of Al-Farah Fashion is unassuming. However, the inside of the store is full of beautiful garments and a rich history of serving the Muslim community for the last 10 years.

Owner and designer Terry Cormier felt the need to open the store after she converted to Islam 14 years ago.

"After I converted, I realized it was so hard to get modest clothing. It was so hard to get things I needed," she said.

Cormier decided to take the matter into her own hands. First, she started out by designing and selling scarves online from her house.

"People loved it. They started showing up at my door asking for more," Cormier said.

That's when she started Al-Farah Fashion in Anaheim. The store is full of garments, both traditional and modern. During the last 10 years, she has curated products from Syria, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt, just to name a few. She has also worked with local artists to promote their design and artwork.

Recently designer Anniesa Hasibuan made New York Fashion Week history by presenting every outfit with a hijab. Hasibuan was not only the first Indonesian woman to feature in NYFW, but her show was the first runway show feature a hijab with all of the outfits. Modest fashion catered to Muslim women has been slowly gaining traction in the fashion world, and some see it as an area with lot of potential growth. However, it's still hard to find a local store that fills the void of modest clothing.

"People come to my store from Los Angeles all the time, also from San Diego too," said Cormier.

That diversity is reflected in her store, where she carries different style of garments according to what's trending in different countries. The store carries Kaftans, Abayas, Turkish style dresses as well as modern clothes that are designed in-house.

The most popular item of all is the scarves. The store has a dedicated section full of scarves, ranging from casual, soft jersey to beaded scarves with electric colors.

"It's not only the Muslim women that come in to the store. We get customers from all different religions like Christians and Jewish women who are looking for modest clothing," Cormier said.

When asked about what she thought of the recent history made at NYFW, Cormier said "I'm not surprised, because (the hijab) has been becoming more mainstream."