Apple will release iOS 10 on Tuesday in preparation for the unveiling of its iPhone 7, which will be released Friday. The latest iPhone model has caused a stir among consumers and tech junkies after Apple announced that it won't include a headphone jack.

Leading up to this release, Apple discussed the new additions to iOS 10, which include an updated Maps, a direct connection between Siri and other apps, and HomeKit, an app for home automation. At the Apple Event on Sept. 7, Apple introduced the specs for its highly anticipated iPhone 7 and Apple Watch 2.

Even with the addition of these new features, the removal of the headphone jack has overshadowed all else.

This removal and the cost of the phone has given some users pause. Others say they don't care about the headphone jack, but that they are unsure if Apple's promises are true. Overall, it's not the technology that is daunting. It's the ever-present question: Is it worth it?

In response to one of the most prominent customer concerns regarding the design of AirPods, some independent designers announced plans to sell the AirPod Safety Strap on Sept. 10. The Safety Strap costs $19.95 and is supposed to act as a "tether to keep your AirPods safe."

Of course, you'd still have to remove the strap when you charge your AirPods and the strap is sold separately, bringing your AirPods cost up to $178.95. With that money, you could buy about 16 sets of Apple EarPods.

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CORRECTION: Updated 11:37 p.m. PT on Sept. 12: An earlier version of this story stated that Apple designed the AirPods Safety Strap, when in fact it was designed independently.