USC football has a new coach, it's the beginning of a new season, and for fans, there is a new bag policy at the Los Angeles Coliseum.

The Coliseum will be limiting permissible bags to clear plastic, vinyl, or PVC bags that fit within 12 inch by 6 inch by 12 inch dimensions, gallon size Ziploc bags, and small clutch purses smaller than 4.5 inches by 6.5 inches. Each person is allowed one large clear bag and one small clutch bag. Full regulation details are available here.

Graphic courtesy of Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum
Graphic courtesy of Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

"The biggest thing is that we want to make the entry process efficient. To get this many people into the building, the idea is to have items in clear view so we don't have to open bags and backpacks," Coliseum Director of Events and Customer Service Kevin Daly said.

The extensive list of banned containers includes tinted plastic bags, mesh bags, any bags larger than the allowed dimensions, backpacks, large purses, coolers, briefcases, fanny packs, drawstring bags, computer bags, camera bags, diaper bags, luggage and seat cushions with metal or pockets on them.

Fans will be allowed to bring items in their pockets and to carry jackets and blankets.

For those who bring unacceptable bags, plastic bags will be available for purchase at the stadium. Clear bags are currently for sale in the USC Bookstore for $19.95. There will also be free bag checks available, but Daly said attendees are encouraged to return prohibited items to their cars or not bring them at all.

Daly said compliance with the bag policy has generally been good for the USC spring football game and the beginning of the Rams season. He said that of the nearly 90,000 fans that attended the Rams' first home game, only around 1,000 checked bags.

The Coliseum's tightened bag policies are similar to those that are required across the NFL. The NFL's Committee on Stadium Security developed bag policy recommendations in May.

According to the Coliseum website, the changes were made to create a "safer environment for the public" following recent terrorist attacks including an explosion outside a Paris soccer stadium and the San Bernardino shooting last year. Plastic bags for sale in the USC Bookstore include a flyer of information about the Los Angeles Police Department's terrorism prevention app iWatchLA.

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