One of the two surviving naked Donald Trump statues will appear on the talkshow Jimmy Kimmel Live! Tuesday and will be auctioned off in support of the National Immigration Forum in October 2016.

The statue, titled "The Emperor Has No Balls," is one of five statues that were placed throughout the country by the American anarchist group INDECLINE. Out of the original statues, a vintage shop in Seattle and a Hollywood Boulevard art gallery were able to protect the art from being removed by city authorities like the other three around the nation.

To avoid a similar fate, La Luz de Jesus Gallery, inside WACKO gift shop, moved the statue inside a few hours after its installment.

"We thought the real crime would be if these things were confiscated and destroyed," Matt Kennedy, the gallery's director, said.

Kennedy believes that the statue is high-concept art that deserves to be shown, and he and his staff are trying to make it easy as possible for everyone to view it.

"The purpose of the statues was to provoke public discussion on Trump's political stances and to show his vulnerabilities because he's nothing to be afraid of," said an INDECLINE representative.

Seattle's vintage shop No Parking On Pike, the savior of the statue placed in Seattle, has stayed in contact with INDECLINE about media publicity.

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According to INDECLINE, the Seattle shop will allow Art Primo, a graffiti art store, to exhibit the piece in its gallery in October 2016.

Kennedy has also been in contact with INDECLINE about the art's media coverage and publicity. Tonight, Kennedy will be behind the set of The Jimmy Kimmel Show as it features the statue on-air. The statue was almost featured on The Colbert Report in New York, but after unforeseen, complicated shipping, the show's request was cancelled, according to Kennedy.

Los Angeles was the only city in which INDECLINE placed one of these statues in front of a business, according to an anonymous representative. The group hoped that the art gallery would rescue the statue, because members had been to La Luz de Jesus and liked it.

"They're stoked that we're continuing to let people see it," said Kennedy.

Although the gallery has seen major traffic since its first day and much media coverage, it still hasn't charged visitors admission to see the piece. Kennedy expects visitor numbers to increase even more after Jimmy Kimmel Live! tonight.

In lieu of profiting from the statue, the gallery will auction the piece off at Julien's Auctions in Hollywood on October 22, 2016. The proceeds will go to the National Immigration Forum, a nonprofit immigrant advocacy organization.

According to a representative, INDECLINE remains in full support of the gallery's decisions concerning the statue.

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