Surveillance footage captured the man burglarizing the house that is known as a home away from home for many USC students.

The man arrived shortly after midnight and the video shows the thief loading up his car with items. He even went through Rabbi Dov Wagner's car, which was parked out back, and nabbed as much as he could.

"I felt violated," Wagner said. "What we do here is try to create a community, a feeling of home. And when that is broken into it feels very cynically, exploited," he added.

After watching the surveillance video, Rabbi Wagner said he thinks the suspect left for a few hours and then returned in different clothes. The man can be seen spending at least 20 minutes loading his trunk with belongings before leaving for good.

Wagner said the thief stole up to $10,000 worth of items, including a computer screen, projector and religious objects.

"The costs really go far beyond that. They guy took every key in the house, so we either got to re-key or replace every key in the house," Wagner explained.

A GoFundMe page was created and so far raised about $1,000.

Wagner said he wants the crook to recognized that the damage he caused to others is greater than the price of the stolen goods.

"There's so many ways to do positive things in this world and get ahead in a positive way. I don't believe anyone gets ahead by hurting others. I hope that the person realizes that," Wagner said.

LAPD asks anyone who recognizes the man in the surveillance footage to call (213) 485-2582.