The web series "Broken At Love" will return for its third season this summer, after taking a two-year hiatus.

USC Alumna Karolina Sivas created, wrote and produced a web series that won the awards for best writing and best lead actress in a soap opera for its second season at the 2014 LAweb Fest. Then she took a break.

"It just wasn't coming together," Sivas said, of her first run at creating season three of "Broken At Love" back in spring of 2014. "We had screenings in L.A. and Miami, I wrote the entire third season, and then everything just kept misfiring."

"The show is also 99 percent based on my life," Sivas said, "so it was very emotionally draining."

It wasn't until she took a trip to New York with her mother later that year that she realized how much the series was missed, and how many more stories she had to tell. The trip to New York reinvigorated her so much so that she decided it was worth it to keep going, and that she would move the entire production to the big apple.

Sivas has since completely rewritten the upcoming season, but her faithful audience can expect a few things to remain consistent from the past.

In an exclusive clip Sivas provided to The Buzz, her character "Vivie" talks to her mother, "Ava Taylor" played by Pamela Bowen, about how Vivie's love interest, "Holden Gregory" played by Rob Healy, is back in her life again. "Oh, yes. He's one of those guys that just never goes away," Sivas said with a laugh. But she is quick to add that her viewers can expect multiple love interests this time around.

Something else her audience can expect to see again is more vegan and gluten-free messaging. Sivas has been vegan since the age of 14, and developed a gluten allergy later in life. She's passionate about educating her audience on issues about nutrition so she made a conscious choice to make her character, "Vivie," gluten-free and vegan, as well.

Sivas couldn't name an exact premiere date for new episodes, but said the latest date for release of season three will be August 2016.