We're coming down to the end of the semester here at USC, but in the world of Hollywood, the news never seems to stop.

First off our host Stephanie Haney, Sophie Flay and Will Farnsworth are kicking off Episode 9 with some tragic breaking news. Just before filming it was announced that the iconic artist and performer, Prince, had died. Though details are still relatively unknown regarding the death, we took the time to honor the musical artist. Next up, we discuss a One Direction star's break into the solo world, and "Live with Kelly and…" well just Kelly Ripa for now.

Meanwhile in today's edition of "This Week in Politics," our host Nick Alfano is back at the desk again after a restless night of dreaming about Donald Trump. Listen as he delivers us the good, the bad, and the ugly of American politics.

And for all of the music lovers out there, festival season is still in full swing! We've got Morgan Evans, along with three top models, to show us the trends we need to know as we get ready for Stagecoach next weekend.

Staying with the fashion theme, Invite season here at USC is also in season. Our correspondent, Ivana Nguyen, spoke to one fashion designer, Walter Mendez, who is bringing us some high fashion and red carpet ready inspiration.

Though Drew Schwendiman may be tearing up at the fact that school is almost out for summer, he must admit there is still plenty to do on and around campus this week. This week gear up for some break dancing events, a visit from a Youtube sensation, and USC night at Dodger Stadium to name a few.

Next up it's time for a bit of Trojan Trivia. How well do you know the latest headlines in Hollywood? Test your knowledge of which stars are partying and which are pregnant in this week's edition of Trojan Trivia.

Finally, next time you head to the bank be sure to look for a new face on the $20 bill. On "Pillowtalk" this week our hosts discuss the addition of Harriet Tubman who will be replacing Andrew Jackson as the new face of the $20.