Annenberg Media is a community in which we learn from each other. Everyone comes in with a different set of experiences, but no matter if you're a producer or a multimedia journalist, the fastest way to improve your skills is to learn from each other in and out of the newsroom.

That's why the Media Center is a cooperative environment and not a coerced one.

Producers may determine what news to cover for the day or what to focus on for a story, but multimedia journalists (MJs) play a critical role in not only gathering the information, but also determining the quality of a story. After all, the producers and MJs are partners in news production.

With that said, when you send MJs out to cover a story, make sure to stay connected with them, encourage them with a "good luck" or a "thank you" message, and remind them that they can always call you if they're encountering difficulties at the scene.

I remember when I was a MJ for the 6pm news; no matter how far away I drove to get to the scene, how long I got stuck in traffic, or how difficult it was to get the interviews, as soon as I returned and saw that my producers were enthusiastic about the material I got, I felt that all the time spent out there was worth it because my work was appreciated. And that is the feeling I would like to give to my MJs when they return with the story.

It is the same inside the newsroom. After working as a producer for a couple of weeks and getting to know more about our MJs on Monday, I've also learned to greet them with a casual chat, ask about their day or weekend. Even before assigning them a news story to work on, be a good listener and listen to their stories of the day first before diving into the work. I will sometimes chat briefly about my day so they feel more comfortable sharing their stories with me.

As I said, producers and MJs are partners in producing the news. While I may give suggestions on how to format the visuals for a story or give tips on editing, I also listen to their opinions on a soundbite to see if we should make some changes to the story. After all, this is a cooperative work space, and I enjoy working with all my MJs.