USC Graduate Student Government will vote on a smoke-free campus resolution Monday. The resolution, passed unanimously by USG Senate last month, calls to ban tobacco use on campus entirely. If passed, this measure would override existing campus restrictions that prohibit smoking in enclosed buildings, vehicles, within ten feet of outdoor dining areas and in other "smoke-free" designated areas.

The resolution, supported by campus organizations like the Smoke-Free Campus Coalition and USG Wellness Affairs, seeks to ensure that the health of students on campus is not jeopardized by tobacco and second hand smoke. In an anonymous survey the Smoke-Free Campus Coalition conducted in early February, over 80% of students surveyed supported stricter rules banning smoking.

While those students who praise the measure cite it as a step towards healthier living, opponents of the measure have voiced concerns over infringing on personal freedoms and students' rights.

Noting the size of the USC campus and designated smoking areas, USC freshman Christina Braa says that on-campus smokers inconvenience few people, and USG has no place mandating such a resolution. "People can make their own choices about their health, and people know the risks," she says.

GSG Senate will cast their votes on the resolution in the final meeting of the year on Monday.

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