Annenberg Media Center allows producers like us and multimedia journalists (MJs) from broadcast, print, and the web teams to work side-by-side with each other. The same news can be reported on the same day, using various mediums but from different angles and approaches. MJs covering breaking news for broadcast can also share the audio they record on camera with the radio team. By converging all the previous individual sites into one Annenberg Media website, I believe it makes our news coverage more collective and accessible to the viewers.

In our freshman year, which was three years ago, we used to have Annenberg TV News, Annenberg Radio News and Neon Tommy (an online news and features site). The three branches used to have their own websites, producers' meetings, studio and offices. When they all moved into the new building a year ago, the three branches became "Annenberg Media," and every morning the producers, reporters and MJs from all platforms meet to discuss the stories for the day.

As producers, we also learned how to work across platforms.

This week, a fire burned down an abandoned church building on Hoover Street early Monday morning, and a reporter went out to cover the story for the nightly newscast. At 10 a.m., our reporter sent us a video of the fire using her cell phone, and we immediately decided to post that on our social media channels. So converging broadcast news with social media definitely made our reporting more efficient and timely.

Monday was also the last day of Rini Sampath's presidency for the Undergraduate Student Government (USG). So we decided to devote a section of the news to covering Rini's legacy at USC. Originally, we were going to use a timeline on Prezi to show the significant dates and events that Rini initiated and were impactful to the university. But we later changed it to a full screen graphic due to technical concerns. However, we preserved that idea and made a detailed timeline of Rini's presidency using Timeline JS for a web story.

Sometimes when interesting news or great ideas don't make it on the air, we can always think of other methods and make use of them on other platforms.