Sometimes, we find ourselves yearning for our youth. Or, perhaps, the lives of the wild youth we never experienced. Many photographers have been fascinated by the youth culture of their times, but no one quite captures it like Olivia Bee, who isn't simply observing the teenage world, but is simultaneously living it.

At the ripe age of 15, the now 22-year-old photographer first caught the eyes of Converse through posting her stuff on the website Flickr, and has nailed down a number of high-profile companies including Nike, Apple and The New York Times, since. With her ethereal, dreamy images of today's youth experiencing life and love, Olivia Bee has become a wunderkind.

Olivia Bee, Baller from Olivia Bee: Kids In Love (Aperture 2016)
Olivia Bee, Baller from Olivia Bee: Kids In Love (Aperture 2016)

Her latest book, "Olivia Bee: Kids In Love," out this month from Aperture, showcases some of her earliest photographs of Bee's life with her friends. Featuring an interview with Rookie Mag Editor-In-Chief Tavi Gevinson, the book tells the story of teenage years in two parts: the beginning of teenage angst and female friendships, and first experiences including sex and drugs.

Pink streaked hair, summer watermelon and sneaking out of a party, Bee captures it all.

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