interview-905535_960_720This week was a crazy week, especially with the terror attack abroad and a surprise visit from Hillary Clinton on the USC campus. There were a lot of opportunities to find interesting ways to tell these stories, including using live guests and live shots throughout each broadcast.

After the Brussels attacks, the Tuesday producers discussed how to tackle the story from multiple angles. We wanted to make sure we covered how the attacks affected students studying abroad, what transportation hubs around the country were doing for security, and provide any new information coming out of Europe. However, this was not enough to really get at the heart of the story. That night, USC was coincidentally hosting a panel discussion about how to tackle Islamophobia. It was the perfect chance to talk to a Muslim student and really get a sense of an ongoing global issue on a more personal level. In the end, this interview elevated our show to new, captivating heights.

On Thursday, USC had a surprise visitor. Very few people knew Hillary Clinton was coming to campus to talk about terrorism and homeland security, but luckily we got the chance to get sound from her exclusive event. I worked with the other producers again to find a way to engage the audience through live guests and live shots. We organized an interview with the new president of undergraduate student government, who was attending the event, to get his reaction to Hillary Clinton and her policies. In addition, we had a reporter live at a fundraiser for Clinton in Hollywood, where we got more sound from Clinton supporters attending the event. If we did not have these elements in the show, it would not have been as engaging and informative. We would also not know a lot of details about why Clinton came to USC and what it was like to be in the same room as her.

Live shots can bring the audience straight to something that is happening in the moment. Live interviews can really provide a more personal connection to a story than pre-recorded videos. The reasons live guests and live shots are so important is because broadcasts need that extra element that brings something new to the table.