Get your fix before our Spring Break Hiatus next week with your favorite hosts, Stephanie Haney, Will Farnsworth, and Sophie Flay, on the Buzz! This week we're bringing you the biggest stories buzzing in Hollywood and on campus.

In the Hollywood Hot Second, Stephanie, Sophie and Will are dishing up an extra serving of celebrity news with your top three stories of the week. First up, Kim Kardashian is making headlines again for her famous assests. Then get an update on the Ke$ha, Doctor Luke scandal and get caught up on the reason behind Maria Sharapova's noted absence in the Australian Open.

Ever wondered which celebrities are or are not supporting the Donald Trump's run this election year? Well you're in luck with this week's edition of Trojan Trivia, where Dustin Sloane is finding out how well USC students can name Donald's Defenders.

In "This Week in Politics," Nick Alfano is putting the election updates on hold to show us why Bernie Sanders is targeting young voters in the face of the upcoming Ohio Primary. Why Ohio you may be asking? Sneak Peak: It has something to do with the law that allows 17-year-olds to cast their vote.

From the campaign trail back to campus, Stephanie Haney is sitting down with two extraordinary USC professors who share not only a love for journalism and new media, but a passion for telling stories–specifically about their trials and testimonies throughout their battle with breast cancer. Learn more about their courageous fight, their breast cancer blog and the meaning of "AFGO" in this week's "On the Spot" interview.

Staying on campus, Spring Break has finally arrived for USC students, and whether you're jetting off to Cabo, road tripping to Tahoe, or making your way to the beach, Morgan Evans has got you covered with a must-have fashion round up. And for those of you who will be traveling by plane, check in with Alexa Palermo as she lets us in on her top carry-on items for an easy, breezy, beautiful trip to the airport.

Next up Claire Neville hangs up her lifestyle segment for 60 minutes as she sits down with the renowned journalist, Bill Whittaker. Listen to what he has to say about breaking into the business and hear his top tips for aspiring journalists.

Though the USCene is a little quiet this week the travel scene is definitely not. Catch up with all of your favorite Buzz hosts and correspondents as Drew Schwendiman takes you on a global journey through our Spring Break destinations. From Jamaica to Dublin, this Buzz team is taking the world by storm!

And finally to close out the show, sit down with our hosts as they dive into some PillowTalk. On this week's agenda: the impeachment hearing of USC Undergraduate Student Government Senator, Jacob Ellenhorn. Catch up on the latest details of a buzz worthy story that is dividing many students on campus and catching some major media buzz from all over the U.S.