This week's episode of Venture with Veronica features La Minerva Restaurant in Pico Rivera. It serves traditional dishes from Guadalajara, Mexico.

It is known for its "tortas ahogadas" that translates to "drowned sandwich" – a roll of bread is stuffed with meat that is then topped with a lot of a tomato based salsa and onions. La Minerva is also known for its

"carne en su jugo" meaning "beef in it's own broth." This dish comes served with warm, hand-made tortillas. These tortillas compliment the dish well and are generously thick, almost like a pita bread.

We talked to Katherine Plaxe, a customer who tried "birria" for the first time. Plaxe said her dish was "yummy and savory." Another customer Evan Swayer sticked with the more familiar fried tacos. He ordered bean fried tacos that were topped with cabbage, beef, onion and salsa.

La Minerva Restaurant is located on Telegraph Road in the Pico Rivera Center and they are open until 8 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and until 9 p.m. Friday and Sunday.