Fashion week world travelers departed from the mean streets of New York and arrived on the pristine roads of London for another week of trending fashion. London's Fall/Winter collections kicked off on February 19th with fashion presentations, shows, and events. While the week featured the collections of hundreds of designers, we're breaking down some of the top trends at the most exciting #LFW shows.

Sadie Williams

UK-based designer Sadie Williams was one of the first designers to kick off fashion week with her retro, après-ski presentation at the Institute of Contemporary Arts. Much like a smaller scale Moncler presentation, Williams combined electric, down material skirts and jackets with bright metallics and sparkling sequins. The line also featured school-girl pattern kilts paired with bold, futuristic turtle necks and thermal tops. If you're trying to look fashion-foward in the snow, Williams' collection is for sure your go-to look.

Simone Rocha

The Dublin-born designer showed her collection of feminine gowns and coats that combined the early 1920s with the Victorian Era. The line consisted of crochet lace and chiffon ankle-length dresses, Victorian style coats that ranged from a soft, checkered grey to a dark, mystic black and high-collared necklines tied with elegant bows–a big trend on the runways this season. The doll-like Victorian dresses with '20s flare were accessorized with fur stoles and bags, liquid-like earrings, and fabric-matching shoes.

Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen is a London Fashion Week legend, and this year's FW16 collection didn't cease to amaze. The collection took a mesmerizing turn as it evolved from dark, punk-rocker suit jackets and edge-y power skirts, to risque-lace bralettes and barely-there embodied gowns, to finally, dazzling old Hollywood sheaths studded with gems and sequins, accessorized with cloaks and lavishly adorned, fur duvet-style wraps. Alexander McQueen was, no doubt, one of the more strikingly elegant shows of the week.


Compared to McQueen, Burberry's runway show was a little more relaxed. But just because the signature Brit line wasn't over the top doesn't mean it didn't make a strong statement. Burberry's more wear-able line took a step back from the trending 1970s and brought us to the neighboring 1960s. The collection featured several embellished and fringe mod dresses, crisp-cut coats and military style jackets paired with funky tights and chunky, embroidered waist belts. While the collection began with several vintage-inspired 60s looks, Burberry continued to time travel and we found ourselves back in the 1970s with long, python-printed coats, big, sharp collars on '70s style jackets, ankle-length etherial dresses, and a fur coat or two. It's safe to say that Burberry remained as classic as ever.

Topshop UNIQUE

The famous British retailer showed their couture collection at London Fashion Week this season. The fairly neutral palette featuring pops of color was a great collaboration of all the top fashion week trends. The collection included structured, '70s jackets, bold fur coats, Motocross-style leather crop tops and pants, barely-there lace dresses, embellished skirts and gowns, tailored trenches and leopard print sweaters accessorized with mod, '60s booties, Victorian lace collars, and 1980s socks and rocker hairdos. Needless to say, Topshop managed to put the history of fashion into one pretty awesome Fall collection and we don't hate it.


The 19th Century trend was well represented at London Fashion Week and continuing the week's biggest trend was Erdem. Like Simone Rocha, Erdem's collection was a grand melange of 1920s styled cocktail dresses with Victorian flare. The collection featured high-necklines and lace collars, long-sleeved dresses accessorized with glamorous elbow gloves, straight and simple silhouettes, similar to that of the 1920s flapper, and full on sequin gowns as well as dresses featuring Erdem's signature embroidery. If you're looking to compare the to line to something in pop culture, think the early seasons of "Downton Abbey" meets the "Titanic." Tea with Mary Crawley or Rose Dawson anyone?

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