There's something in the Kool-Aid over here in Los Angeles, and I'm only starting to drink it. One of the major trends in health and beauty that has been emerging onto the scene is holistic living. Fascinated by the idea, I thought I'd try it out and see what all the hype is about.

Holistic living is all about healthy living; in terms of beauty products, that means cutting out any products that have ingredients that you wouldn't eat and instead opting for all-natural products such as Earth Tu Face, a California-based skincare line. Earth Tu Face, created by two herbalists, prides itself in using ingredients that each serve for a therapeutic reason. Every product is all-natural, organic, and 100% plant-based, food grade ingredients. What's not to love about chemical-free?

My journey to all-natural living started off with ETF's Skin Stick, which can be used for the face, lips and body. Made with geranium and vetiver and packaged in a compostable tube, the Skin Stick seemed perfect for just about anything. I've been using it on my lips and cheeks, but it can be used for so many more needs.

I also had the chance to use the Coconut Body Butter. I've heard of using coconut oil for a moisturizer before, but have never really tried it out. This one smells delicious, with the natural scent of coconut combined with cardamom. Surprised by the fluffy texture, they certainly weren't when they said "A little goes a long way." With a small amount of the body butter, it immediately left a slick feeling to my skin, but after a couple of minutes it soaked in and left my skin incredibly smooth.

The verdict? There's something about knowing where your skin products are coming from, and knowing that there's no artificial additives. This editor will definitely be seeing Earth Tu Face again. Be sure to check out Earth Tu Face for more products, and you might just find your next favorite.

Earth Tu Face Skin Stick ($34)

Earth Tu Face Coconut Body Butter ($42)

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