There's nothing like a good book, but when you can't manage to commit yourself to a novel, take the short story route.

Diane Williams's quick-witted short stories in her new book, "Fine, Fine, Fine, Fine, Fine." Her tales are shorter than short stories, which proves her ability to truly write. It's one thing to write long-form stories and articles, adding distinct details with poetry within the sentences. It's an entirely other thing when you get to the punchline in less than two pages, and that's exactly what Williams does.

Each story packs a punch, with 40 new stories as sharp as a needle. With such short stories, they move so quick that you'll find yourself wanting to read it again. Williams nails how we behave in our highest and lowest moments right on the head, giving light to the beating heart of America. Her stories can be discomforting, yet alarmingly funny.

If you're looking for something with a bit of a kick, this "Fine, Fine, Fine, Fine, Fine" is your next read.

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