New Year's Resolutions always seem to get a bad rep. I'm no innocent in this situation; I've never been one for New Year's Resolutions. Why wait until January 1st to make a change in your own life, when you have 364 other days to start?

These resolutions of ours typically involve completing everything we didn't get around to the year before, which often leads to a never-ending circle of looking back at our failures. Let's take a look at the more optimistic, encouraging side, shall we?

Maybe it's the goals we set for ourselves that are, while admirable, a little too ambitious for the average Jane. Think of it this way, let's take a look back at Ross Geller's New Year's Resolution to "do something new every day." It ended up with a very awkward, difficult (albeit hilarious) situation involving leather pants. Instead, maybe Ross could have simply said "I'm going to focus on trying new things."

Setting goals under the guise of "New Year's Resolution" is by no means a bad thing—it definitely gets us motivated to do new, more adventurous activities, get outside of our comfort zones, or even change some of our lifestyle habits.

In the words of Hannah Montana, "Nobody's Perfect," which means that we're all inevitably human, which means there's always space to stretch and room to grow. Anyway, that's what the annual resolutions are really for, right?

Take advantage of new beginnings, and new motivations to allow yourself to grow, and increase the amount of your well-being and happiness rather than focus on your eternal to-do list.

So what'll it be? What are your resolutions for 2016?

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