Downey Police have arrested three suspects in the murder of Officer Ricardo Galvez. Officer Galvez was sitting in car outside the police station Wednesday night when he was shot and killed. Police believe the shooting was a robbery gone wrong.

Downey Police held a press conference this morning to announce the arrests. "We believe this was a botched robbery attempt," said Lt. John Corina. "They were attempting to rob Officer Galvez, not realizing that that he was a police officer or realizing that they were in the parking lot of the police station when they accidentally shot him and fled." Corina said the suspects were two adults in their early 20s and one 17-year-old juvenile. Here's a link to a timeline of events.

Wayne R. Presley statue and memorial for Office Ricky Galvez (Chole Marie Rivera/Annenberg Media).
Wayne R. Presley statue and memorial for Office Ricky Galvez (Chole Marie Rivera/Annenberg Media).
Corina believes the crime was one of opportunity, not a targeted attack on police. Galvez was in plain clothes. His unmarked personal car was in the public parking lot adjacent to the police station. While Corina describes the crime as a “botched robbery” though he says nothing was taken.

Nearby police officers heard the gunshot and chased the suspect's vehicle to Montabello, where the suspects "bailed out of the car." The driver was caught "almost immediately," according to Corina. The other two suspects were arrested at a house after a search warrant was served. The police are charging the suspects with murder. No additional suspects are being sought.

Officer Galvez, 29, was known as "Ricky" to colleagues. Galvez was a five-year veteran of the Downey police and a Marine, who served tours of duty in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Lt. Mark McDaniel says Galvez was "a model officer."

"Ricky was an outstanding person, outstanding police officer. If you can mold a police officer you would mold that police officer after Ricky Galvez."

Downey Mayor Luis Marquez said that the day was a "tragic day for the city of Downey as they mourn the loss of one of [their] own." He expressed his condolences,"Our prayers and thoughts are with family and the Downey police department at this time."

Galvez is survived by his mother, brother and two sisters.