A protest against the use of deadly force by the Los Angeles Police Department on Tuesday hit a roadblock after protesters illegally jaywalked on their way to the Police Board of Commissioner's meeting.

The march and protest, organized by the Youth Justice Coalition, was aimed to raise awareness about the 646 people they say have been killed by law enforcement in Los Angeles County since 2000. The dozens of protesters met at Grand Park and marched across the street to the Los Angeles Police Department Headquarters downtown.

Protesters donned masks in honor of Day of the Dead and planned to read the names of the victims during public comment of the meeting.

When they arrived at the LAPD Headquarters, officers held them out due to violations of the law.

"Well because we crossed the street with no permit or nothing," said Juan Pena, one of the protesters. "They're not allowing us into the meeting."

The group still held a demonstration outside the building despite not being allowed into the meeting.