Eights rapes or attempted rapes have been reported in the past 15 days around the USC campus area, according to DPS and LAPD crime logs.

Most of the incidents happened north of campus in an area where USC students live and socialize.

The incidents varied in location from the ZBT fraternity house to 30th street, where an attempted rape occured at 8 o'clock on a Sunday morning.

DPS Deputy Chief David Carlisle said he is concerned about the dramatic spike in reported cases of rape, but hopes "it's a result of us asking people to come forward." He says, "There's no way to measure to sexual assaults that are never reported."

One of the leaders of USC's Women's Student Assembly, Shyann Murphy said the issue is not reporting, but safety. "We can no longer feel safe just walking around," she said, "because there's always that threat in the back of our mind."