Known for his thrilling and hypnotic rhythms, Arty has been making quite a name for himself in recent years. His next big performance will be at Orange County’s LFestival, a “Latin Coachella” of sorts, held Oct. 24 and 25.
Originally from Russia, the electronic dance music DJ made it into the Top 100 DJs list in DJ Magazine in 2010 and has since been moving up the rankings. In 2014 Arty was the first Russian musician to sign with the Insomniac record label here in the United States and has produced numerous tracks with them.With successful songs like “Braver Love” and “Up All Night” Arty has collaborated with multiple artists to create electrifying and exciting sounds that are lighting up the EDM community.

Neon Toomy had a chance to ask him about his music, recent collaboration, and what to expect from his new album that debuted on Oct. 9.

Neon Tommy: What is one of your favorite performances you’ve done and why?

Arty: I’ve had so many amazing shows in my career that it’s really hard to pick just one. The most important thing for me is that people go to the show, share the passion for the music I play, and have the best time of their lives – it all matters so much to me.

Neon Tommy: You’ve recently collaborated with Conrad for “Braver Love” and Ray Dalton for “Stronger.” What other artists would you like to collaborate with next?

Arty: There are so many talented artists out there performing in different genres and styles. Chris Martin and Ryan Tedder are my all-time favorites. I also admire The Weeknd a lot, his last album is a masterpiece.

Neon Tommy: You announced that your new album will be released October 9th. What can listeners expect from this album? Will you be experimenting with a different sound or different techniques that you are excited for your fans to hear?

Arty: This album is a showcase of me as an artist. From track to track I’ve been wandering in completely different directions and trying out various styles, but I’ve really wanted all of these to stick to one single line so that they are perceived as one piece of music, while being really different at the same time.

I’ve had an amazing and challenging time working on it, but now it’s done and I can’t wait to share it with people.

Neon Tommy: Do you have a specific process when it comes to making your music? In other words, do you get sudden inspiration and take it from there? Or do you just experiment with different sounds until you latch on to something you like?

Arty: Well, I’d say 99 percent of my tracks just pop up in my head like ideas at some point. It doesn’t really happen that often that I sit with a midi-keyboard trying to discover melodies that I would want to record. It always starts with an idea born in my head and taken from there.

Neon Tommy: What have you learned about your music/making music in general during your past few years of your musical journey?

Arty: First thing that comes to my mind is that being as open-minded as you can be is one of the most important things. There is so much beautiful music of other genres that makes you way more creative and inspired. There are no rules in music anymore and it makes things even better.

Neon Tommy: What is a typical week like for you as a DJ? Do you think the coming release of your album in October will lead to more shows and a busier schedule for you?

Arty: It’s all based on my weekend schedule. I have several shows scheduled every week, so I need to adjust everything else to these. Find some time for myself, get some rest, see my friends and have some fun outside of touring life. But it’s really difficult at the same time – when I get back from the tour, totally exhausted, all that I think about is getting some sleep. My album tour schedule looks busy, but it won’t be anything crazy that I haven’t dealt with before. You get used to tour life; it’s just a matter of experience.

Check out Arty’s new album ​”Glorious,” ​now available on iTunes here. Purchase tickets to the LFestival here.

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