What started as a friendly joke turned into a real business opportunity.

This past summer, USC student Josh Barach travelled to Europe with some friends who made fun of him for bringing along his beloved blue bathrobe. They then started encouraging him to wear his bathrobe out and about while traveling, an idea which turned into a Instagram frenzy.

Under the name "Bathrobe Crusader," Josh travelled around Europe wearing his bathrobe, documenting the process on the social media platform. Initially a friendly joke, this adopted persona inspired a business idea.

Josh now plans to start a luxury bathrobe line and is reaching for this goal through his Kickstarter campaign. Twenty percent of the proceeds raised will go towards the Methuselah Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to extending the healthy human lifespan by advancing tissue engineering and regenerative medicine therapies.

Aside from his charitable efforts, Josh has big plans for the company if it proves to be successful, including several designs of luxury robes and bath slippers, and a future online shop.